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This is How Riveting is Really Done… The Mesmerizing Way!

When you take a look at some of the jobs that are carried out across America today, some laborers really earn their paycheck, going above and beyond and breaking their back to get the job done. While riveting might not require too much super heavy lifting, it certainly looks like a task that could be physically draining, taking all that you’ve got to make sure that the hot rivets are plowed into the metal so that it will be held together without question. After all, nobody wants to rivet something together only to find out that it’s falling apart and failing to meet its purpose.

This time, we check out a video that shows off how riveting is done, getting metals super hot after punching some holes in it and then cooling it off to make sure that everything is held together nice and tight with hot rivets. It most certainly looks like a task that could get monotonous after a while but we have to give a “hats off” to the guys and girls to do stuff like this every day because it most certainly is an important job and definitely not one that looks to be of the easy variety, either. I’m almost sweating just looking at this video of these rivets being pounded into place.

Follow along in the video down below that will take you on the scene of some manual labor that really is something that is to be appreciated. Watching something like this come together might make you take a second look at some of the metals that are in use in different structures around you. The next time that you see rivets, especially ones that are this big, you’ll probably flash back to this video and be able to really appreciate the work that has been laid out right in front you that so many people can easily take for granted.