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This is the future! Is this some awesome parenting or what?

There’s a lot of talk about how “soft” the youth of America has become. While there is more than enough evidence to back up this claim, I’d like to believe that there is still hope for our future generations, and every now and then I get a little boost thanks to videos like this one!

This little fella can’t be more than 3 years old, but he’s already showing more courage than many 20 year olds have ever shown. No, this isn’t some 200 horsepower crotch rocket, but if you’ve ever ridden one of this pocket bikes, you know they have more than enough power to put a hurt on you if you let them get away.

The tiny pilot seems to have a healthy respect for his bike as he’s maintaining a nice, steady pace and not trying to push it too hard through the cones of this slalom course.

It looks like the rider is just getting a feel for the bike, but he shows pretty good control given his age and size, and I think it’s fair to say that we all have to start somewhere. I personally think the age of 3 is the perfect age to start something like this because kids haven’t really learned what fear is at that age, and young bones heal quickly should he take a tumble. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen, but let’s be realistic here, he could get to show up in class with a cool cast on his arm should he lay his bike down at speed.

One thing I noticed that is a little disappointing is that our little daredevil isn’t wearing gloves. That may not seem like a huge deal, but we need our hands for pretty much everything we do and I would sure hate to see him hurt his hands or fingers in an accident.

Finally, at the end we get a glimpse of just how cool this little dude really is when he cruises by towing his bike behind his power wheels Bugatti! Shades on, kicked back doing his thing without a care in the world. Oh to be three again!