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This is What a Dodge Challenger Differential Failure Looks and Sounds Like

Before I dive into this video, I have to say something about this guy’s actions: DO NOT DO THIS. While I hope the guy who made this video had the sense to set the parking brake, even that doesn’t make it okay to ever leave a running car in gear and go climb under it. While the rear end is obviously severely damaged, there is a chance those gears could make enough contact to move this car a few feet and if you’re laying under the car when that happens, the results could be devastating. So don’t do that  Now, on to the video.

From the moment this clip starts, it’s obvious this Dodge Charger has a MAJOR problem. The sound you hear is the rear pinion and ring gear clanking against each other because the rear end housing has been shattered. There could be a number of causes of such damage, from a manufacturing defect to wheel hop. Regardless, this practically brand new Charger is left immobilized and looking at an expensive repair, unless it happens to be covered by the warranty.

This kind of damage is relatively common on stock rear ends when power levels are pumped and sticky tires are added to the mix, increasing the stresses on the rear end, but this car sounds stock and the tires don’t appear to be of the drag radial variety. Maybe this guy is just really unlucky and picked up Charger with a defect in the rear end.


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