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This is what happens when you light off a ton of fireworks at once, inside of a van!

If you know Colin Furze, you know that he will try just about anything if the result yielded promises to have the potential of being cool and exciting, that includes everything from making a rocket to setting a van on fire.

This time, Furze takes on the challenge of finding out what would happen if a whole lot of fireworks were set off inside of a van. The idea came about when Furze was setting up for another experiment and safety conscious viewers asked what would happen if the explosives went off.

This time, we check out the scene as the fireworks actually do go off and how the van reacts to such an intense and sudden burst of heat from within. Will it be able to stand up to the blast?

The only way to figure it all out is to let the experiment rip and watch on as the van goes up in a ball of flames as the Fourth of July happens on the inside!

Check out the video below as Colin plays with explosives just like the way that all of our inner pyros would love to. This one gets rather hot. How will it all end? Find out for yourself!


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