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This is why the V6 Ford Mustang is limited to 112 mph

When it comes to picking out a V6 or V8 version of a car, what some people don’t realize is that it most definitely is not the same car with just a different engine.

Aside from the different engine and different visuals that come with each package, you also have a whole bunch of supporting parts to help back up the increase in power.

Whether it be a stronger rear end, better transmission, or, in this case, a more burly driveshaft, pieces are in place to hopefully handle the power and abuse that you’ll be throwing at them.

In the case of this particular 2011 V6 Ford Mustang, we see why the car was originally limited to 112 mph. However, it looks like this person took the liberty of removing the litter and takes the Stang up to 135 mph.

While under some intense acceleration, we check out the scene as the driveshaft on the car exploded, taking out the floor pan, doing big-time damage to the exhaust system, and even breaking parts of the transmission and parking brake system.

You see, the shaft is designed more for fuel saving than abuse via the power that can be put through it. Any way that you slice it, this is one intense component failure!

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