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This is Why You ALWAYS Film When a Mustang Leaves a Car Show…

As leaders in the world of automotive media, we try our hardest to come from a place that lacks bias, however, sometimes you just need to read the writing on the wall aloud for everyone to hear.

For some reason or another, pulling out of car shows and other similar events tends to be a rather insurmountable climb for drivers behind the wheel of one car in particular in the Ford Mustang.

We have absolutely no idea what fuels this fire, but it really seems that in many cases, this group of folks can’t manage to keep their stuff together enough to pull away without sliding sideways and causing some sort of damage.

This time, we are greeted with yet another similar situation as a Mustang driver decides to do a little bit of showing off while pulling out of a Chicago Cars and Coffee, only to be greeted by too much throttle that ends up in a collision.

Check out the video below as a bystander captured the entire incident and posted it to YouTube for all to see. What do you think contributes to this rather disproportionate amount of Mustang drivers that find themselves in situations like this?