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This kid reacting to doing stunts in dads plane is great

When you are passionate about your hobby, there is no better feeling than taking that passion and getting out there to share it with others, especially the ones that you love and are most fond of. When you see other people who are able to carry out this passing of passion, you can’t help but crack a smile sometimes.

In this demonstration, we check out the passing along of the torch of aviation from a father to a daughter and if I was to make my best guess, I would probably say that this little girl has a good chance of following in her father’s footsteps with that same passion when she gets a little bit older.

Dad mounts up a camera and takes her along for the ride as he pilots his small aircraft in every which direction, hurling through the sky like a rag doll with his young little lady in the back seat, smiling and laughing every step of the way. This is some really grade-A heartwarming stuff that we’re watching here!

We highly encourage you to check it out for yourself in the video below but be warned because this is really some genuine happiness that you are about to witness. Videos like this could really turn a bad day around. It really doesn’t get too much better than that, folks!