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This Might Be The Biggest Nitrous Shot in The World

Nitrous Express is one of the premiere sources for nitrous oxide systems and associated components. They offer complete systems that flow anywhere from 25 horsepower up to to 3,000 horsepower, and all of the hardware you need to build, plumb and install the systems on your street car or all-out race car.

During the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis, they brought out a plumbed intake and hooked up a bottle for a little demonstration in how horsepowers are made. With several interested onlookers gathered around, the solenoids were opened and out came ALL of the nitrous! As you can see from this video, these systems move a high volume of giggle gas into the engine, which would then digest it in the form of big flames and thousands of added ponies. It’s literally horsepower on demand and the relative ease if installation and there-when-you-want-it capability make it the power adder of choice for many.

Give the video a watch, it’s really short and it’s very cool to see this end of a nitrous system. Tell us, how many horsepower worth of spray do you think this system creates?