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This Nasty Blown 1969 Chevelle Cold Start Sounds Demonic!

With something like this, if you can’t find a way to appreciate it, but stuff it’s not something that anyone can explain to you. When you hear a blown V8 crank up and spit out a growling sound, it’s a noise that you have either got to love or not understand at all. There really isn’t any in between here as those who enjoy the sound of a grumbling engine will probably completely fall in love with this 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle and others, well, they might take a little bit of warming up before they’re able to get a grasp on just how cool this cold start is.

With a cold start, naturally, you get some of the best sounds of the engine as it spits out more of a raw mechanical sound as the lubricants inside haven’t necessarily been able to have time to get themselves all over the components that they need to oil.  Out the other end of the car that’s still a little bit stiff as a has no heat in it, comes quite the exhaust note. There’s definitely a reason why cold start videos have found their way to their own category on sites like Facebook and YouTube. There’s just something about that grumble that really will make you stop in your tracks.

Among the cold start videos that we have come across, we definitely have to admit that this 69 most certainly spits out a note that sounds nothing short of demonic. Be sure to check out the video down below that showcases this satin black machine with its very own racing stripes and that blower that you simply cannot miss, hanging off of the engine. After you watch this one, be sure to tell us what you think of the sound coming from the exhaust of this beast and from under the hood as this cold start really just might give you a rush.