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This Nasty First Gen Camaro With A Gnarly Blower Setup Put On A Show At No Guts, No Glory

David Resse from Reese Brothers Race Cars has built one of the baddest grudge cars in the southeast, and this bad boy is not to be taken lightly. Our partner Justin Malcom from the JMalcom2004 channel caught up with Reese and his first gen Camaro known as El Diablo at No Guts No Glory last weekend and just wait until you see how wicked this ride really is.

The heart of this beast is the blown powerplant under the hood. I haven’t made it by the pits to check out this car yet, so I’m honestly not even sure if it’s a hemi or a big block Chevy, but either way, when you have tuning legend Phil Shuler helping call the shots and dial in the tune, it doesn’t really matter, you’re going to have a fast ride. You can see in the solo pass that the car leaves relatively soft, but once the car is rolling and the drag radials are hooked up, the engine screams to life and sends the car to the finish line in very short order.

After checking things out on the solo run, Reese lined up beside a pretty formidable opponent in the form of a big tire, lightweight nitrous Corvette for a grudge race. Since his car is on radials and likely a good bit heavier than the ‘Vette, Reese was set out a car length at the start to even the odds a bit. Unfortunately for the ‘Vette, that wasn’t enough, as Reese would drive into a small wheelie but otherwise laid down a pretty stellar run and drove around for the win after the ‘Vette shook the tires.

Look for more of El Diablo on the grudge scene as Reese and Shuler make the rounds to some of the big no time events in 2019. This car makes a ton of power and goes a-to-b more times than not, and those two factors make for a very good grudge car. Hopefully the team can keep a handle on the car and maybe work on getting it off the line a little harder without spinning or hiking up the front end, making it even harder to handle for the guy in the other lane.


One word…..FAST! El Diablo BLOWER Camaro

This bad boy is straight ridiculous for real! I could barely keep up with it at No Guts No Glory!Car name-El Diablo

Posted by JMalcom2004 on Monday, December 10, 2018

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