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This Personal Off-Road Tank Has A 1500 Horsepower 727 Cubic Inch Hemi, And It Will Drive In Any Condition

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on January 23, 2020

This this is pure badass, and we need to get our hands on one!

Dubbed the Ripsaw, this luxury tank is basically a high end car on treads and it looks and runs great! Featuring a steering wheel for easier control compared to the joystick utilized by most treaded vehicles, this thing is highly maneuverable, despite riding on tracks, which are typically not know for agility. Previous versions of the Ripsaw were powered by a 600 HP diesel that made it shred through dirt and sand with ease and haul ass on top end, the latest iteration is packing even more of a punch.

Gone is the diesel, replaced by a gnarly 727 cubic inch HEMI powerplant that cranks out 1,500 horsepower, enough to send the EV3 Ripsaw screaming across any surface you throw at it.

One of the more unique features of this badass ride is the full suspension, which has to be a welcome, and comfortable, change compared to most tank-style vehicles which have little, if any, suspension. You can clearly see in the in-car footage that the driver is not being bounced around all over, while outside the windows you can clearly see the suspension working over the rough terrain. That’s just not something you see with any other vehicle riding on treads.

Not only does this thing look wicked and move like a rocket ship, it sounds purely amazing. The massive HEMI engine roars with a beautiful tone that no diesel could possibly match, even if it did make more torque with the diesel that powered the previous generation.

With all of these features in place and an aggressive look that just screams “I do what I want!“, the Ripsaw certainly grabbed a spot on our list of wants! I can just imagine the looks we’d get screaming through downtown San Diego in one of these things, or even better, a whole fleet of them! Maybe somebody at Ripsaw’s office is reading this and will make that happen!



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