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This Police Car Was NO Match For a Polaris RZR

While he ultimately failed to apprehend this fleeing suspect, we have to say this officer did a pretty damn good job of pursuing the perpetrator. Most impressively, the officer took his cruiser into the off road domain of the RZR and handled everything the guy threw at him like a champ. From beginning to end, the officer does a solid job of staying right on the tail of the UTV, maintaining control of his car despite the sketchy terrain and quick thinking driver behind the wheel of the RZR.

However, the RZR does eventually find a narrow trail through the woods that’s blocked by a log, and the officer decides not to pursue further in the car, opting instead to jump out and chase on foot, which didn’t seem like a great idea but probably saved his car from some serious damage by not driving it over the fallen log. He leaves the car for a few minutes, but there’s very little chance the officer on foot would have a prayer of catching the RZR even with the thick brush and fairly dense trees. It seems the RZR driver is pretty familiar with the terrain and likely already knew a route through the woods, giving him another advantage over the officer.

We say it often and we’re going to reiterate here, we’d never advocate anybody running from the cops. While you may elude a single officer in his car, they have radios that allow them to stay one step ahead usually, plus they can call in air support that you’ll have a very hard time escaping, even in the woods.

However, in this case, it looks like the guy got away, although we don’t know if the officer might have phoned in for air support to help track this guy down or had other units waiting in other areas of the woods.