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This Race Might Take “Redneck” To Another Level, But It Looks Like Fun!

Being from Alabama, I approve the use of “redneck” for this article, despite being almost certain this particular race footage comes to us from somewhere outside the US. This is definitely something that my people here in the south would do, except we would probably have it set up in a pasture and do it more like a demolition derby-style event instead of just a race.

Either way, I’m definitely down to try… hell I don’t even know what this is actually called! Piggy back racing seems like a good title, or double-decker perhaps? Whatever its called, there’s actually a little more going on here than most initially realize. This isn’t just a guy driving a car with another car strapped to the the roof, although that in itself would definitely be a lot of fun.

If you look closely, you’ll notice the top cars all have an individual in them as well, and if you pay attention, the guys in the top cars are also sawing away at the steering wheel in their car. Let me assure you, these guys aren’t just pretending like they’re driving while the guy in the bottom car does all the work.

No, the guy up top is actually responsible for steering, while the guy on the bottom handles the gas and braking duties. While that may seem simple enough, when you couple the dual driver situation with the fact that they aren’t able to communicate with one another, you may start to see just how unpredictable and hilarious this type of racing really is.

Just think about it: you and a buddy driving a car. One of you steers while the other operates the throttle and brakes, but you can’t talk to each other, and there are several other guys on the track doing the same exact thing. No matter how hard you try to predict what the other guy is thinking, there are going to be times when you both guess wrong, and the outcome of those snafus is nothing short of hilarious.

So who out there wants to find a couple of junkers, rig up a really long steering shaft, and try this out with me? Because I personally am dying to try this!


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Posted by Steve Arpin on Monday, 21 January 2019