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This Radio Flyer Hot Rod Wagon is Too Cool For School!

As I’ve found myself saying over and over again, the wide scope of projects that you can tackle in the world of wheels certainly makes it one of the best communities around as you get the opportunity to check out some peoples’ visions as they materialize and come to life.

In this world, the definition of “unique” is even something that is stretched and varies from person to person. While one person might see some sort of car with an engine swap as being unique, another person might look at it and think that it is nothing of the sort, especially when you compare it to a build like this.

You see, when this builder set out to make his vision come to life, he didn’t see any kind of traditional car materializing in his garage. Instead, what he did see was that of a Radio Flyer wagon being scaled up to a car size and having some power thrown at it so that it could be driven around the streets with pride.

Check out the video down below that shows off exactly what a larger-than-life Radio Flyer looks like and how it operates. I’m not really sure what I would think if I saw this thing rolling down the streets but you really can’t deny in any capacity that this hand-made machine is anything short of something that you don’t see every day.