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This Shopping Go Kart Does Wheelies Like a Boss!

Of all the things we have seen with engines added, this has to be one of the coolest and most unique. Scroll down to the video below and check out the Shopping Kart that has had a full overhaul and now features a racing seat, steering wheel, and of course, an engine out back!

We don’t know much about the powerplant itself, but it certainly sounds heathy enough, and the engine cranks out enough power to pull the front wheels, despite having power going to the ground through only one of the rear tires. The cart is perfect for tooling around the neighborhood, though we have to assume a few more steps would have to be taken before it’s actually legal to use on the streets, hence the carters avoiding the cop that is lurking around the corner.

This has definitely gotten us to thinking about other things we can convert to go-carts. Wonder if we can come up with anything as cool as this?