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This Spaceship-like Jet Capsule Lets You Explore the Ocean

If your goal this summer, or for what’s left of it, is to get out on the water, there are a whole variety of ways to make it work. This time, we just so happen to check out a little rig that somebody put together that will take you to what appears to be the future of navigating aquatic environments. Now, it seems like this vessel doesn’t necessarily bring too many features to the table that are out of the ordinary, however, the form in which it brings these features up is completely unconventional, providing a sort of skating capsule that will glide 12 occupants across the surface of the water at 45 mph.

To be quite honest, the machine really looks like something that you might have caught on an episode of the Jetsons back in the day. If I were out and about for a good time on the water and saw something like this ripping past me, I would definitely have to stop for a second to look at the obscure machine as it made its way across the drink. If you’re looking to do something a little bit different and unconventional, $150,000 will get you behind the controls of this off the wall machine. It all just depends on how you’re looking to delegate your bank account.

Check out the video down below that will take you along for a ride in this unique method of transportation that shows you exactly what you’d be getting for your 150 grand. I’m not sure if this is really something most people would find to be worth that kind of coin but if your sole goal out there is to have people look at you then this might just be your speed because this thing is going to appear like a sort of UFO out there in the water.