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This Super Machine Cuts Massive Logs With Ease!

Talk about a machine that does it all! This massive piece of machinery takes huge logs and cuts them down to size.

The first step in the process is properly positioning the logs, a step that is handled by the massive, beefy rollers and huge clamping grips. With the log locked securely in place, the actual work can begin. The massive band saw slices through the log almost effortlessly, slinging a stream of sawdust out of the chute on the end.

With a few slices done, the machine then rotates the log and starts the process again, slicing off a few inches at a time. The log is rotated again a few cuts later, eventually creating a square log , perfect for slicing into evenly-sized planks. This monster machine – big enough that the operator actually rides on-board – mows through this massive log with ease.