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Turtles or Snakes – Which do cars hit more?

If you’re just driving down the road, minding your own business and see a turtle or a snake alongside the road, what would you do? Would you swerve off of the road to try and hit them or maybe stop your car end try and get them away from the vehicles to save their lives?

Well, this DIY experimenter hopped to the task of figuring out exactly what the general population decides to do in a situation like this by heading out to the roadways with a rubber snake and a rubber turtle in hand along with a tarantula and a leaf as a control.

It turns out that more drivers than you would imagine actually go out of their way to try and kill the animals that are simply minding their business on the side of the road. Who would’ve thought that so many people actually would try to do such things?

Check out the video below that puts motorists to the test to see what they try to do when nobody is watching. Any last minute guesses at what the results will look like before you head down below to watch the experiment unfold for yourself?