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This Guy Transformed a Power Wheels into A Drag Car! Project “NiteMare”

When Power Wheels come out of the box, they can be some pretty cool machines but with a little bit of creativity, they can become much cooler and possibly even viral creations. We have seen the kids’ cars undergo some basic creations but this time, we check out one that has been completely overhauled.

With the starting point of a Power Wheels Ford Mustang, this toy has seen some major changes, starting with the 12-volt to 24-volt conversion and ending with a completely new look sporting all kinds of familiar drag racing touches that you’ll see at tracks around the country.

From the racing slicks complete with the mark to show you how much the tire spins on the wheel to an aluminum wing and LED simulated exhaust backfires out of the custom zoomie headers, this thing seriously looks the part and we have to admit that we’re thoroughly impressed with the work put in here.

Check out the video below that will take you along on a walkaround of the action to show you all that this miniaturized drag machine has to offer. The kid on the receiving end of this is definitely going to be one lucky tyke!

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