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This Turbo Pro Mod Explosion is Terrifying

This is one of the scariest video’s we’ve ever seen, not just because of the huge flames, but also because the driver’s seeming inability to exit the car.

This boosted 1953 Corvette pro mod belongs to Jerry Yeoman and is staging to make a pass at Tulsa Raceway Park when something goes haywire in the car’s electronics. The failure sends the RPM’s screaming skyward, which causes the transmission cooler to rupture, spraying searing transmission fluid in all directions, including onto the car’s exhaust, which ignites the fluid and fills the Oklahoma sky with flames. The car lurches forward and rolls into the wall, where track personnel race to Yeoman’s aid with fire extinguisher and medical care.

Luckily Jerry is okay, suffering only some minor burns and smoke inhalation. The car suffered some pretty heavy damage, though, and will likely need some time and work before it’s back on the track.