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This Wicked Mustang is Making 1200hp on a BORROWED Motor!

Sometimes, you manage to find yourself a good friend who will have your back no matter what, however, this guy seems to have found a friend who is willing to do a little bit more than most friends would. When the motor under the hood of John Koza’s Ford Mustang would self destruct, most people probably thought that his race weekend was over but thanks to a trusting friend, he would be able to BORROW another engine and plop it in the night before race day, bringing this car back up to speed to hang with the competition yet again.

After watching all kinds of racing like this, I have to admit that we might’ve become a little bit desensitized to cars making 1200 hp, but that amount of power becomes that much more real when it’s happening on a borrowed combination. It’s almost like it creates the need to walk on eggshells a little bit as to not push the engine too far because if he pops this one as well, let’s just say that it might create a little bit of an awkward situation between John and the owner of the engine. Nobody wants to have to deal with something like that, especially when someone was nice enough to lend out a fresh build!

Check out the video down below as 1320Video is on the scene when the borrowed motor action goes down. It looks like it didn’t take the crew too long to get everything figured out because this slick black Ford Mustang is taking the action pretty far, digging into a couple of stout opponents as the driver goes on for several rounds before he runs into some competition who will give the driver a run for him money. How far can this car go on a borrowed setup? Follow along with the video and find out for yourself!

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