THROWBACK: Camaro Wrecks Hard Racing Against Kye Kelley! Flips Multiple Times!

When it comes to no prep racing, we never like to see somebody wreck their car that ...

When it comes to no prep racing, we never like to see somebody wreck their car that they have sunken tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars into alongside their blood, sweat, and tears in order to make their machine go fast. It’s most important that everyone is alright, but if you know the feeling of wrenching on a car and putting together something that you’re proud of, you can feel even more for the owner who just lost his pride and joy.

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Unfortunately, this time, it was Cornbread’s turn to take a bump in his Chevrolet Camaro and the result of said accident, the damage got pretty severe as the car absolutely lost all control, falling at the hands of momentum and gravity to dictate where it would all end up at the end of the slide.

We watch the race from right next to the drag strip as the cars fly to the finish line, when all of a sudden the first generation Camaro begins to lose control. While trying to contain car’s slide, the guy behind the wheel corrects it a little bit too much, causing the Camaro to flip over not just once but multiple times, really adding insult to injury, blasting the car past the point where it’s even recognizable. It looks, to us, like he nearly saved it before the roll, too!

Check out the video below that shows off the entire incident as the car rolls over several times. As far as we know, the driver suffered no severe injuries and will be able to race another day but an incident like this can really be a crusher! The only thing that you can really do in a situation like this is put your head down and keep on moving forward, hoping that you’ll have better luck the next time that you get the opportunity to rocket down the track.

Redemption 4.0 race with Cornbread

A video from when I raced Cornbread awhile back at redemption 4.0. Sucks he wrecked like that, but he was okay, and has a faster car now. He will be at redemption this weekend in Tulsa, I'll be burning rubber in Delaware and Maryland !!Sorry, I don't know who's video this is

Posted by Kye Kelley Racing on Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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