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Throwback Shows Jeff Lutz’s Insane Crash That he Somehow Walked Away From

When it comes to throwing down in a drag race, nobody really knows what’s going to happen. With just the slightest change in course, a driver can go from a pass that would have been a record-setting best to one that puts that driver into the wall. This quickly ends those dreams that you had of racing supremacy, at least on that given wan, and can really bring about a new and more harsh reality.

This time, the stage was set as Street Outlaws would have a pair of awesome machines going head-to-head. As we would later find out, things wouldn’t quite go as according to plan. That aforementioned unexpected change of plans happens to come to light as Jeff Lutz in his gorgeous ’57 Chevy wouldn’t be able to make this thing turn around in his favor.

During this pass, things actually started out smoothly as the ’57 put together a pretty decent short track. However, as the race escalated, the car would eventually get loose at high speeds. When something moving as fast as these cars do gets sideways, it’s going to be tough to recover. Unfortunately, this situation was one of those times where the driver simply had no shot at bringing the car back around to where it was supposed to be.

Lutz wouldn’t be able to make it out unscathed. In fact, he would end up in the hospital after being taken away on a stretcher. Fortunately, though, while this was scary, he has been able to make a full recovery and is back racing again.

The video down below that shows off the extent of the hard-to-watch situation. In the moment, this was certainly a breathtaking instance. Now that we see where the cards have fallen, we can watch this one without being so on edge knowing that Jeff made it out of the situation in one piece!