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Jeff Lutz’s New Daily Driver Runs and Drives!

Those who have been following along with Jeff Lutz have likely seen that he is working on putting together a pretty wicked daily driver. This isn’t going to be just any daily, though, as the car will be just a little bit stacked in order to hold its own in a little bit of competition. You didn’t think that Lutz was going to put something together that was slow, did you?

Over on his YouTube channel, viewers have been treated to each step of the journey, watching as the ’57 Chevrolet retains a relatively stock appearance but gets the mechanical treatment needed to turn this thing into a monster.

This time, we get an updated tour of the car that Jeff and the company have been absolutely grinding on. As it turns out, racing and maintaining a travel schedule makes things a little bit more difficult when it comes to building another car in the meantime. With that, our host gives us the rundown of how exactly he has managed to squeeze in a little bit of work here and there, grinding from morning through the night when the opportunity presented itself in order to get the machine to where it is today.

Last but not least, we get to check in with the moment that is always going to be nerve-racking. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done it a million times or if it’s your first time building a car, turning the key over for the first time is a moment that builds up major suspense and can come with a major sense of relief as well. On the contrary, if something doesn’t go correctly, it could be a moment where someone is going to be banging their head against the wall, ready to go back to the drawing board.

What is the fate of this ’57 Chevy? Tune in below to find out.