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Throwback: Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss Revealing His Truck, “Ole Heavy”

When you take a look at the cars and trucks that have graced the television screen while Street Outlaws has been on the air, you can really see how awesome some of these rigs really are. Not only are they among the fastest to ever hit the streets but these things can get pretty good looking as well as we see with “Ole Heavy,” the pickup truck that you might see JJ Da Boss and Precious wheeling around in come race day. This machine might be anything but conventional but that isn’t to stop it from rocketing down the racing surface like it means business. It might be a truck and potentially on the heavy side, but that seems to fade away when it really matters.

This time, we check in with a little bit of a throwback video to the first glimmer of Ole Heavy that we ever saw on screen when JJ decided to reveal the truck to Precious. Back then, the truck might not have looked much like what has become today but this was the beginning of a machine that would become one of the most feared in the streets. This truck has really shown us that it has become something that will roll out with the right driver behind the wheel and it turns out that this duo most certainly brings that to the table.

Check out the video below that shows the moment when JJ pulled the cover off of this machine and showed it off for the first time. Little did they know at this point in time that the truck would blow up to become a fan favorite out there when it hits the streets and keeps up with some of the best competition that the community has to offer. After checking this thing out, be sure to tell us what you think of the machine that has really thrown it’s weight around come race day.