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Throwback Thursday: Dung Beetle Spanks the Competition

While it’s certainly not the fastest on Street Outlaws or maybe even in Farmtruck and Azn’s stable of machines, we can’t help but love the Dung Beetle. On the outside, the Volkswagen looks like nothing more than a ratty old Bug. However, under the hood, this thing packs plenty of punch to really deliver some devastating blows to the competition. These days, its cover has been blown wide open as a sleeper. The cool factor for this car definitely still exists. However, we’re pretty sure that most folks within the racing community are familiar with the machine.

Back in the day, though, the same couldn’t really be said. This meant that the dynamic duo had the opportunity to sneak up and win a little bit of cash on the streets. Even for those who had a hunch that the Beetle might be fast, the car has a certain way about it. When looking at the machine, it could be easy to trick yourself into thinking that this thing isn’t as fast as it truly is. This is when the small but mighty VW strikes!

Perhaps one of the most entertaining peripheral segments that we find on Street Outlaws is that of Farmtruck and Azn going fishing. In these segments, they go out and find unsuspecting competitors to talk them into a little bit of a race. Sometimes, said competitors end up shocking the crew and taking their money. More often than not, though, whatever vehicle that FNA brings out is going to end up helping them take home a pocket of cash.

This time, we ride along with a little bit of a fishing session as the Dung Beetle takes on an old-school hot rod. While some people are clueless as to what’s about to happen, others provide quite a challenge.

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