fb-pixel TikToker Shocked “Grandma” Has Driving Skills, But She’s a Legendary Driver
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TikToker Shocked “Grandma” Has Driving Skills, But She’s a Legendary Driver

The automotive world is full of surprises, as one gearhead discovered when attending the BMW promotional event known as the “Ultimate Driving Experience.” The surprise came during the autocross portion of the event when the attendee hopped into a BMW with a seemingly unsuspecting driver. If we were to ask the video’s uploader about the driver, they’d probably say she was even less than unsuspecting as he went on to call her “grandma.”

To the uploader’s amusement, he jokingly commented that the driver, Linda Pobst, appeared to be a grandma while also acknowledging that she has “experience under her belt.” At 51 years old, Linda Pobst didn’t fit the stereotypical profile of a professional racing driver, but as the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. Oh, and for the record, we can’t say for sure whether or not she’s a grandmother or not.

Before the ride, Pobst casually rattled off her impressive achievements, revealing she had been involved in autocross for a decade, clinched two national championships, and accumulated 30 years of road racing experience along with 27 years of instructing. Clearly, Pobst had an extensive background and a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics that contribute to a car’s high-level performance.

Once the ride began, Pobst unleashed her skills without holding anything back. Despite being in an unmodified BMW, Pobst demonstrated her expertise, expertly maneuvering through the course with remarkable ease, all while calling out what was coming next to explain to the passenger how this sort of driving is possible.

The video captures the exhilarating feeling as Pobst zips through the autocross course, showcasing her high-level driving prowess that defies expectations based on appearances alone. It serves as a reminder that true expertise can emerge from unexpected sources, providing an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to witness it.



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