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Tim McAmis Shows You Beadlock Mounting Tips & Tire Selection Ideas

Iconic chassis builder Tim McAmis is quite literally a walking wealth of knowledge when it comes to all-things racecar. His decades of building, driving, and tuning some of the quickest doorslammers on the planet have given McAmis countless opportunities to soak up knowledge relating to every component, measurement, and specification involved in running a drag car, and he’s now returning that knowledge to the community through this series of instructional videos shared on his website.

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McAmis tackles beadlock wheel and tire tips in this video, discussing everything from properly measuring the wheel accurately – which is not as simple as most people think – to the actual mounting process itself. Instead of just showing you how to do things, Tim explains each step and thoroughly engages in why things are the way they are, helping racers understand the process behind the beadlock mounting process so that they can do the task correctly each time.

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Pay close attention if you’re going to be running a set of beadlock rear wheels, you just may learn something that makes the process easier and help ensure you do it correctly. Pay special attention to the tips regarding measuring rollout and ensuring the tires are the same size, an often-overlooked step in chassis tuning. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business!