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Timmy Meissner Stands “Blown Money” All The Way Up

At the last two Duck X Productions events, Phill Bohley and his sinister stark white Mustang known as Savage has lined up with Timmy Meissner’s crimson “Blown Money” Mustang, and both times the outcome has been nearly identical.

Meissner, who painted his car crimson to show his deep affection for the University of Alabama’s football team, relies on a monster supercharger to cram his Hemi powerplant full of air, while Bohley’s Savage gets its positive atmospheric pressure from a twin turbocharged ProLine setup. As we all know, blowers tend to deliver power down low, while turbo combos make their power out back. That makes a major difference in the outcome of these two races.

As soon as the tree dropped on these two at Sweet Sixteen back in March, Meissner’s car hiked the nose high into the air, forcing him to roll out of the throttle or risk crashing his ride. Savage, meanwhile, kept all 4 wheels on the ground and streaked to the stripe to take the win.

Last weekend, these two lined up again and the outcome was basically a “rinse and repeat” from Sweet Sixteen. At the flash of green, both cars left, and once again Meissner reached for the sky, leaving Bohley to drive straight down broadway and take the win yet again.

Meissner has plenty of power, as we can see, but until they get a handle on that torque and get the car to make it to 60’ with the nose on the ground, they’re gonna have a hard time outrunning guys like Bohley, who has very little drama in his lane pass after pass.

Do you guys think the Blown Money Mustang would be able to take the win if he could keep the nose down? I’ve seen that car make some killer passes that certainly looked and sounded stout, but Bohley and his crew have that car dialed in and running strong. Maybe we’ll find out if they meet again at Lights Out 10!