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Tire Floor Jack Perfect for a Emergency

Sometimes, when you see something unfold, you simply can’t help but keep your eyes peeled and watch what’s going to happen next. While this is an incredibly an innovative way to get your Ford Explorer, or whatever other vehicle you have, into the air, I can’t say that we would necessarily recommend trying this one at home, especially if you don’t have jack stands to support what it is that you’re lifting. All in all, we recommend this one for entertainment purposes only but without further ado, allow us to introduce to you one of the craziest ideas that we have seen today.

In this idea that’s simply titled “Redneck Floor Jack,” we check out a couple of guys who are trying to get their SUV into the air but apparently don’t have a hydraulic or any other sort of jack handy. Instead of heading out to the store to buy one or looking to borrow one, these guys took to what they had available to them in order to get this vehicle propped up into the air and that just so happened to be a massive wheel and tire. Using the momentum of the vehicle with a tire that was just firmly planted in place, the crew would manage to find a way to hoist it into the air.

Follow along in the video below as the SUV is jacked up in quite the unconventional way as to do a little bit of work underneath. I’m not sure how much I would trust a wheel and tire to hold up a vehicle while I work underneath of it but, I guess it works for these guys then you can’t really blame them. After watching a demonstration like this, be sure to tell us what you think of this simple yet somewhat effective method of getting this SUV up in the air for maintenance.

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