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Tire Repair With “Fix a Flat” Use Caution

If you’re using any kind of “Fix a Flat” concoction, regardless of brand name, you might want to be careful because while the can might not tell you, any experienced mechanic will be able to advise that using such a solution could cause long-term problems that you don’t want to deal with down the road.

When looking at a situation like this, it almost makes more sense just to get rid of the tire entirely and replace it with a new one or maybe try some sort of patch instead of putting all of this goo into your tire in an attempt to plug the hole for a short-term solution.

If you were to look deeper into using such chemical, you might realize that all different sorts of problems can arise from the fact that it most certainly is not a permanent solution to a leaky tire to the idea that it could damage tire pressure monitoring systems or possibly even cause corrosion to the wheel.

Check out the video below that shows a situation in which a person used some of the goo to try and fix her tire and it made quite the mighty mess instead of fixing the flat tire in a clean and efficient manner.