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Is Titanium Really That Strong? Hydraulic Press Puts it to the Test!

Sure, we understand that certain metals are stronger than others. Perhaps, these metals will be able to handle more force before giving way. However, this can be something that could be difficult to visualize. When we think of a softer metal like tin, sure, we get it. Tin isn’t going to be something that someone is going to want to build a strong frame out of. However, when it comes to differences between something like iron and titanium, the difference might be less clear.

Iron can handle the needs of most everyday tasks. It’s not common that a project needs a stronger metal.

This time, though, we get to see a demonstration that shows the differences. It might be a little bit crude and not exactly scientific. However, the comparison does a great job of showing the difference in the metals. The Hydraulic Press Channel has always been known for destroying things with the likes of their press. This time, though, we might even learn a little bit from seeing the press in action.

In this one, we test the strength of blocks consisting of copper, tin, aluminum, titanium, and iron. As the blocks are put up against the press, the amount of force is measured. With a number attached to each block, it becomes much easier to see how one is stronger than the other.

By following along below, we learn a little bit about different metals with the help of the tool. While basic knowledge of these sorts of things might give us an idea of the outcome, it also acts as a pretty interesting competition. We can’t help but have a little bit of rooting interest to see how much pressure each metal is going to be able to take. After watching something like this, we get a feeling that you won’t be looking at different metals the same way again. This just goes to show that it might be worth spending a little bit more to have something made out of the right material.