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Tom Bailey Destroys Drag Week’s Quickest Pass Ever

Posted by: Randy Zebraman on September 17, 2019

Tom Bailey’s Chevrolet Camaro is nothing short of a Pro Mod. Make no bones about it, not even Tom tries to claim that the machine is a street car. However, that wouldn’t change the fact that he was going to embark on drag racing’s most challenging journey.

Known as “Drag Week,” the event puts competitors through a series of races, all of which must be driven to. Normally, racing is done off of the back of a trailer with cars of this magnitude. These trailers are equipped with just about every tool imaginable. Tom wouldn’t have that luxury. Instead, his Camaro would be pulling a trailer itself. In between the five different events, there would be about 800 miles of ground to cover. During Drag Week, every competitor, no matter how fast, has to cover this ground with their own car. No car trailers are permitted.

Now, some people might be thinking that this isn’t such a big deal. After all, there are plenty of cars that can drive to the track, make some nice passes, and drive home. However, what we’re looking at here is the first machine to crack off a 5-second quarter mile pass and complete the event.

That’s right, not only was the car able to dish out some records on the track, but it proved to be quite the commuter as well. This is nothing short of a stupendous accomplishment. Most of the time, cars of this magnitude don’t even drive from the pits to the track on their own. Normally, they will have some sort of push car to help them along. In this case, though, Bailey was doing a little bit more than driving from the pits to the track. His machine went on a full-blown road trip.

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below, we get the opportunity to really see what this car is all about. Regardless of if someone is into Pro Mod racing or not, it’s hard to not be impressed by Bailey’s efforts.


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