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Top 5 Builds in American Chopper History

If there’s one brand that has found a way to linger in the news, regardless of if they were on television or not, it has been American Chopper. With a mix of all of the dramatics that go on with the show along with the insane builds that you see these guys crank out, they’re really managed to suck in a wide range of attention and keep it, something that many shows struggle to do for such a long period of time. For those who have been interested in what American Chopper brings to the table and are missing what the show had to offer, luckily, the show has come back!

This time, to celebrate the return of one of America’s favorite reality shows and arguably one of the shows that helped to get reality television as a whole rolling in the right direction, we take a walk back to check out a top list of some of the most iconic builds that the shop has been able to crank out. These guys have really been noted as pioneers as they have innovated some different techniques and styles as they brought the idea of the theme build to light and kicked off that trend that has since spread to tons of custom shops.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on five of the most insane builds that the Discovery Channel thanks has ever been cranked out by the crew that you see over at Orange County Choppers. With all of their high profile clients and projects that these guys have taken on, you know that the top five are going to be something to be admired so we recommend dialing your attention in and telling us which of these you find to be your favorite and if you think that they left any build in particular out of the equation here.