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Tour Of Dale Jr’s Property Includes Wild Western Town

Tour of Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s property

Over here in the real world, the vast majority of us live in a situation where we might have to temper our expectations a little bit. Sure, chasing after the American dream might end up a success story. Folks can end up achieving great things and in bringing in a good deal of money. However, it’s pretty hard to compare to what some of these celebrities and athletes are able to go out there and spend. After all, many of them have amassed great deals of wealth beyond even the 1% of earners. With this wealth, even the craziest dreams can become a reality as money can pretty much buy anything short of happiness. Who knows? It might even be a swaying factor toward happiness in this case.

This time, we take a look at one unique way that a NASCAR fan favorite has decided to spend his money. While most people who achieve great deals of fame spend tons of money on cars and big mansions, Dale Earnhardt Jr. had something else in mind. Don’t get us wrong, it does seem like he has the aforementioned collection that most of the elite put together but it seems as if he’s going a little bit above and beyond. In fact, we would be hard pressed to think of anybody else who has a setup anywhere near similar.

By following along with the Graham Bensinger video down below, we get to take a tour of the property. At first, we’re exposed to a recreation of a wild west style town, complete with storefronts, an outhouse, and even a functioning saloon! Before long, we end up checking out the site of the original Junior Motorsports shop that is complete with a basketball court! We understand that the court has seen a great amount of use by the team. It looks like Junior really let his imagination run wild in what looks to be the ultimate place to kick off his shoes and have a moment out of the limelight.


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