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Touring Jay Leno’s “Room of the Giants” Shows Off Some of the Biggest Cars Ever Made

Over the years, the automobile has definitely evolved a lot. These days, cars are laced with technology and don’t really look anything like they did as recently as the 90s. If we go back in time, every decade really seems to offer up a new variety of automobile to invest ourselves in. This time, though, we check out a room filled with cars that seem to have one thing in common. They are all big and they and use up their fair share of iron and then some.

Appropriately named, “The Room of the Giants,” this time, we take a ride to Jay Leno’s shop out in California to check out a couple of monstrous machines. Some of these cars were made as early as the early 1900s. Naturally, technology back then was kind of crude when compared to what we have today.

We aren’t just talking about what’s under the hood, either. Instead of lightweight materials and composites that construct vehicles today, everything was steel and heavy materials. That means that engines had to create more power as well. However, at the time, you weren’t able to get efficient small engines. Instead, these powertrains were huge and rather clunky.

By today’s standards, these cars are definitely looking more and more archaic every day. However, there is still something special to behold here. Not only are we taking a look at the building blocks of what we know and love today. We also take a look at something that’s much simpler and really has an aspect to desire in that regard.

By following along with the video below, it’s almost like we get to step into a time machine of sorts as MyClassicCarTV takes us on a tour of some of the most unforgettable giants that you’ll ever lay eyes on!

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