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Touring a Multi-Million Dollar MegaYacht by Mangusta

There are lots of ways to slice up the fun to be had on the water. Obviously, this is all going to be determined, in part, by how much money is on the table to spend. For those looking to start with a modest investment, good luck. All jokes aside, there are definitely a selection of toys that could find their way into the collection of the average family. This vessel is anything but that.

This time, we’re joining in on a tour of a Mangusta Megayacht. This thing goes by the name of “Veyron” and certainly isn’t an average boat. From first sight, it can be pretty hard not to fall in love with something like this. The sleek lines really make the design pop out.

As we keep going, the task of resistance gets even steeper. Every turn shows off something new that would be a nice luxury to be able to live with. Heck, some people don’t even have things like these in their home, let alone being able to have access to such features on the water and on-the-go. It’s really amazing to see just how it all comes together in one cohesive package.

When we follow down in the video below, we’re able to go on the tour of a lifetime. This video allows us to check out all of the features of this massive yacht that could make any day on the water a great day. There’s just something so alluring about a boat like this that, upon seeing it, makes us want to get on board. Just imagine being able to spend a day on this bad boy with about 20 or 30 of your closest friends, making the most of the water.

We would argue that there aren’t many better ways to spend a day! – yachtcharterfleet