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Touring the World’s Most Extreme Construction Sites

When it comes to construction projects, sometimes, mankind just doesn’t want to back down from even the most monumental challenges. There are certainly challenges out there that we could just walk away from and refuse to build around.

For example, taking on extreme temperatures is something that takes a wild feat of engineering to be able to do correctly. Whether it’s extremely hot or extremely cold, materials and construction react to the extreme climate differently. In addition, these environments also create special circumstances that need to be considered when constructing something like a railroad or skyscraper.

This time, we check in with the Top Luxury YouTube channel that takes us on a tour of the most extreme construction sites in the entire world. Seriously, when we look at some of these things, we almost have to pick our jaws up off of the floor to truly soak in the patience and creativity that went into creating some of these projects, not to mention the sheer genius of some of those who worked on putting it all together.

Not only do we take a look at projects that find their way through extreme conditions. We also look at things like the most dangerous construction projects that were ever attempted and even some of the biggest. Looking at this really gives us a new perspective on exactly what it is that human beings are able to accomplish. It also gives us a bright vision of the future, maybe even a little bit of excitement about the things that are coming with the cornucopia of advancement in engineering each and every day.

Following along with the video below, we get a tour of all of that and then some. I think that most folks would probably find it challenging to put together a simple house. However, these construction projects really go above and beyond, showing us exactly what’s possible and what might become.