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Touring the World’s First 6×6 Rolls-Royce Phantom

In a world of people asking “Why?,” we can’t help but love the people who ask “Why not?”

Out there in the wild world of custom cars, there are certain builds out there that not only push the limits of our imagination. Sometimes, these creations go beyond what our imagination might’ve concocted in the first place to a completely new and creative place that can be a ton of fun to explore.

For example, I can’t personally say that I’ve ever looked at a car like a Rolls-Royce Phantom and imagined what it would look like with six wheels. However, for one confident fabricator by the name of Danton Alexandre, he saw a vision in his head and decided to take it on in the real world. It takes a lot of guts to cut up a Rolls-Royce, even if it is just a little bit over a decade old. Even a 2005 Phantom like the one that was at the center of this viral build would fetch around $100,000.

This time, we get to take the complete tour of the Phantom that has been chopped behind the doors and patched together with a 2005 BMW seven series. After taking the rear end and axle from the seven series, the creation would start to come to life.

After topping it off with custom wheels and tires, a push bar, and an aluminum widebody, the off-road-inspired Phantom really started to look the part of a show stopper. Where things really come around full circle, we find features like gold plated brake calipers and even off-road lighting.

Down in the video below from Supercar Blondie, we check in with the car that is a guaranteed head-turner. For somebody who wants to make a statement, this is definitely one way to go about doing that.

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