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“Tow All” Make any Vehicle a 5th Wheel!

“Tow All” Make any Vehicle a 5th Wheel!

If you need to tow a big load, odds are that you’ll need to have a heavy-duty truck that’s equipped with fifth wheel functionality to pull along that oversized trailer.

This requires some extra equipment generally and drilling holes in your truck, but now we’re presented with an invention that could remove any need for such things.

This time, we check out the “Tow All” that promises to hook right into the back of your truck or other vehicle and allow you to pull any fifth wheel trailer that you please. It might seem like a good idea on the surface, but we can already smell the burnt transmissions from people overloading their vehicles.

Check out the awkward infomercial of the Tow All below and tell us what you think of this quirky invention. Do you think that it’ll ever catch on and we’ll be seeing these things all over the road soon?