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Tow Strap Tied Around Engine to Stop a Jeep That’s Accelerating Out of Control

Tow Strap Tied Around Engine to Stop a Jeep That's Accelerating Out of Control

We have this idea in our heads as a materialistic culture that money can buy more fun. Sometimes, that might seriously be true. After all, I don’t think that there are many people driving around in an average car who wouldn’t love to get their chance to rip in something like a new Ferrari or Lamborghini. However, from personal experience, we’ve found that sometimes, the cheapest vehicle possible can be one of the best options. After all, when a car costs less than a week’s pay, the fear of breakage is far less. This means that the pedal can be pushed all the way to the metal without fear of consequence.

It just so happened that our friends over at Busted Knuckle Films put themselves in just that situation. In a collaboration with Bleepin’ Jeep, they got their hands on a Jeep Grand Cherokee that had seen better days. Sure, the Jeep had a few redeeming factors. It seemed like these guys had their hearts set on beating it, though. What they ended up doing to the Jeep was beyond any beating that we have ever seen with such a vehicle before. This is one that we absolutely had to see the outcome of once we dug into the video.

By following along with the clip below, we get our attention drug into quite the diabolical plan. This one starts out with the aforementioned Jeep and ends with complete carnage. The idea behind this stunt is to take a tow strap, tie it around the engine block, and send the Jeep off into the sunset at full speed. Meanwhile, the secured strap is supposed to stop this quickly accelerating Jeep when it gets up to a good head of steam. It doesn’t necessarily take a well-versed Hollywood director to see how this timeline is going to pay off big time!