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Tow Truck Driver Goes Full “Fast and Furious,” Impales Stolen Ambulance With Rig

For most, there might be times where it could be easy to slip into a sort of daydream. Perhaps, we think up what it might be like to be the heroes in an action movie sequence. When it came to a serious situation in Philadelphia, one tow truck driver would have the opportunity to actually be a real hero.

For those who missed this trending story at the beginning of March, someone decided that it would be a good idea to steal an ambulance in Philadelphia.

Long story short, the police showed up on the sight of a domestic disturbance. From there, one of the people involved as a suspect hopped in the ambulance and took off.

As it would turn out, the chase would lead police on a wild journey. As it’s spanned over 90 minutes, nobody really knew what the driver of the ambulance was going to do. The situation was downright dangerous as the heavyweight vehicle hurled its way through crowded city streets lined with pedestrians.

For tow truck driver, Joel Hilton, he was able to intervene in a way that very well could’ve saved lives. After contact was made between the ambulance and Hilton’s tow truck, he thought that it was simply a coincidence. Most probably would’ve thought that the ambulance was in an emergency situation and simply got into an accident. However, before long, the truth would finally reveal itself to the truck driver.

This is when Hilton decided to hop to action. Before we know it, he’s pacing the ambulance through the city streets and trying to stop it. At one point, he even successfully used the lift on the back of his truck to puncture one ambulance’s tires. Hilton says that he was trying to take out the ambulance’s cooling system but failed to do so before being knocked out of the chase.

At the end of the day, though, his efforts could’ve very well been the catalyst to saving lives.