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Tow Truck Drops a Wrecked Car in the Middle of the Street – Keeps Driving!

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that I’m paranoid about strapping down my car when it goes on a trailer and now you can see why!

Outside of the insane flow of traffic in this video, all seems to be going pretty normal, but it’s almost too normal for any dashcam video that we’ve seen!

When the car proceeds forward and catches a tow truck on camera, this is when things begin to get interesting as the tow truck loses its load!

We get it, stuff happens, but after losing the wrecked car, the tow truck keeps on rolling, not even slowing down, almost like he wasn’t even aware of what happened!

Check out the footage for yourself below that shows off this peculiar situation that almost doesn’t even feel like real life! We wonder what his face is going to look like when he gets to his destination and discovers that there is no more load!


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