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Towing Company Suing Student for $750k, Some Call “Intimidation”

As a consumer, nobody is always 100% happy with every single business that they interact with. Therefore, things like negative reviews come about and might tell the story of if a certain business is worth going to bat with. If you just simply hop onto a social media account, sometimes, you can see the reviews left behind about a particular company. However, when one student was incredibly irate with a towing company, he would create his very own Facebook page dedicated to collecting and posting all of the bad reviews and complaints about the business.

As it turned out, this business, as you could probably imagine, wasn’t too happy with seeing a page like operating, even though it was based around the opinions of people who have dealt with them, allegedly not posting any false information but instead just bad first-hand experiences. When the company saw the page, they would respond immediately with a lawsuit, trying to squeeze $750,000 out of the student. It’s not really clear exactly what those numbers are based on or how they expect the student to be able to pay up on it but that’s the way that they framed it.

The video below takes the liberty of explaining the whole situation to you that seems to be a little bit of a reach for the towing company. From the opinions of experts, some say that it appears as if it’s nothing more than intimidation factor, trying to keep the opinions of people who follow them in line with exactly how they want to be seen. Others speculate that it’s something that will never be able to go through as the lawsuit isn’t really based in fact and the student really has nothing to worry about. If the allegations on the Facebook page are, in fact, true, maybe one possible solution to all of this would be to start conducting better business. Most of the time, it’s certainly a good option to keep your eye on as a business owner.