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Toyota Formula 1 F1 V10 Engine on The Dyno Spitting Flames at 20,000 RPM!

There are no engines more advanced than those in the world of Formula 1 racing. Toyota’s V10 F1 engine is capable of spinning 20,000 revolution per minute, something even the most extreme drag racing engine can’t touch. As we’ve showed you in the past, Formula 1 is also home to the most insane dyno sessions, allowing the engines to run through simulated laps and even complete races without ever actually setting them into the car.

In the short clip below, you can see Toyota’s F1 power plant being put through the paces during one of those badass dyno tests, the high-winding engine screaming through the shifts as the exhaust spits flames into the exhaust extraction duct. This is absolutely amazing to watch and listen to, so crank up those speakers and soak in the auditory awesomeness of this engine putting in work!


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