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Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series Goes Deep… Water Goes Past The Hood!

When it comes to how well your vehicle performs and under what conditions, different people have different sets of criteria that they would grade a vehicle by in terms of how “good” it is. Some might like big power numbers and others might just be obsessed with looks but there are some folks who will grade vehicle based entirely on how well it can perform off-road. If that’s your lane then this time, we have to say that we found just about the perfect video for you because this one really guarantees to be a doozy, no matter how experienced you are with off-roading.

This time, we check out the likes of none other than a Toyota Land Cruiser, a machine that has been known to go off-road and do some damage to whatever elements you put it up against. With this display, said elements just so happen to be an insane amount of water and mud that not too many vehicles are making it through.

However, when this Land Cruiser’s driver gets to the task, it really looks like the further that he pushes it, the more that the SUV wants to take as it keeps on going deeper and deeper in the water and doesn’t even skip a single beat! Forget getting stuck, we’re freaking out about the possibility that this thing might start leaking and even breathe in a little bit of water to send it through the engine and call it kaput, however, none of the above would come through to fruition as this thing absolutely acted like the best trooper that it could be, taking on the elements with a vengeance.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to sit yourself in the best seat in the house as this machine gets to it, taking on all that water as it manages to find its way out on the other side, proving that it really does have what it takes to hang around and while it might no longer be in production, it’s surely a timeless off-road machine that we’re sure people will be able to appreciate for years to come. After tuning into the display for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of how exactly this 4×4 interacts with its environment that wants to hold it back while the platform is having absolutely none of it.