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Trailer Goes Completely Sideways, Drifts On Highway, Miraculous Recovery

Pulling along a trailer, when done properly with a proper setup can be an easy job. For example, a light duty trailer on a heavy duty truck will have you coasting your way to an easy trip, one where you might not even really remember that you’re pulling anything in the first place. However, as the load gets bigger and bigger, it might be worth looking into getting that heavier duty truck and making sure that everything is distributed just right, otherwise, you might just be looking at a bad time like this driver came so close to having.

In this one, we’re following along with a situation that looks to be another day in the life for this guy. He’s pulling along a small piece of construction equipment on a trailer as he’s probably done plenty of times but on this particular occasion, things quickly go awry. Before we know it, the trailer is swaying and after failing to correct it with his steering habits, this driver is one small step away from going full Tokyo Drift as the trailer begins to violently sway sideways before eventually going into a full slide! This is where we have to give a hats off to whoever it was that strapped down that load because it doesn’t go anywhere during the whole ordeal!

Below, you’ll be able to catch up with the situation that has this driver looking like he saw a ghost. Once this thing really got to moving, personally, I couldn’t help but think to myself that all was definitely about to go wrong but by some miracle of a situation, this one actually panned out with everything being alright! It’s almost hard to believe that this guy was able to recover but somehow, he did it!

If we were to guess why this happened in the first place, we would probably venture to say that it has something to do with where the equipment was positioned on the trailer.