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Trailer On The Loose! Security Cameras Catch A Flat Bed Rolling Away With A VW Bus On It!

Just when you thought you were having a bad day, maybe, something came along to put it in perspective that could show you that perhaps things just aren’t that bad after all. Sometimes, a little bit of perspective is really all that you need to make it day go a lot smoother and, unfortunately for the parties involved in this video, that little bit of perspective is probably going to come at their cost today, but no worries, because we’re sure that even though things look pretty bad here, there has to be someone who can top this in terms of things going out of control for them today.

In this video, we check out a little bit of security camera footage that manages to capture the crazy moment that I’m sure this homeowner had never expected to unfold right out front of their property. It looks like maybe somebody has a little bit of explaining to do after this one as what we saw was enough to make pretty much everybody’s jaw drop to the floor. In the midst of what looked like something that was probably just another day in the neighborhood, we get the smaller unexpected tidbit of a massive car hauling trailer rolling down the street with presumably, the guy who was responsible for it hanging on for dear life and trying to do anything that he can slow it down and unfortunately failing.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with the movement for yourself as this thing simply went from bad to worse. We can’t really see the final outcome and don’t have any reports on what exactly happened at the end of this fall from grace but all that we can do is hope and pray that this guy was able to get off of that moving train before it gained too much momentum.