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Trans Am Comes Back From Behind And Takes The Win…. Wait For The Boost To Kick In!

If you walk up to an experienced drag racer and ask them about letting out of the throttle when they think they have the victory in the bag, most of them will be on the same page and give you the same answer. From my perspective as somebody who has been trackside to film plenty of races and watch thousands upon thousands of passes, I can definitely say with certainty that you should stay in it to win it. There been far too many times that I have personally sat and watched as a driver let out of the throttle, thinking they had to victory in the bag when, all of a sudden, the person in the next lane over powered down to come back, proving that they had a little bit more to offer on that particular pass than their opponent had thought as they rocket to a come-from-behind victory.

Often times, situations like these will result in an ending where someone could potentially lose thousands of dollars. That’s not what we’re saying for sure here but, in any situation, this race ends up putting you on the edge of your seat to see exactly what’s going to happen as one driver gets out pretty far on another but the race doesn’t end up going as according to plan. It’s pretty riveting to watch this kind of action go down because many times, in a race like this, it’s all about the person who gets off of the line first who will be the one to make it all the way through the finish line more quickly. However, when the inverse comes to reality, it’s pretty entertaining to feast your eyes on.

If you follow along down with the video below, you’ll be able to watch the action as one driver really keeps on hustling with their Pontiac Trans Am, fighting a hard fight as they dig down deep and put together a pass that ends up being able to come back around the Ford Mustang in the other lane, a car that also looks to be an impressive competitor that ends up having traction issues up top. If this isn’t a testament to sticking it out until the very end and giving it your full effort, we’re not really sure what is.