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Turbo Trans-Am Has Epic Recovery, Comes Back For the Win!

Race cars can be an unpredictable and wild beast to tame. When they’re working without drama, they can end up providing an incredibly rewarding experience. However, as most hardcore racers will tell you, racing is hardly ever free of drama. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes might just give fans an all-new appreciation for what these drivers are going through on a regular basis.

This time, we head out to Street Car Takeover to check in with a whirlwind of an experience. Racing has a way of throwing lots of highs and lows at drivers. In Indy, Josh Pratt just so happened to be served that entire roller coaster all in one weekend. The experience is a ton of fun to watch as Josh keeps his head down and pushes toward the finish line!

The BigKleib34 video below starts off in the no prep section of the weekend. Josh is certainly no stranger to no prep as he’s won at Street Car Takeover’s no prep events before. On this weekend, though, the setup on the Pontiac Trans Am simply didn’t agree with the racing surface. Straight off the bat, we would catch a sketchy showing that sent the Pontiac sideways. Luckily, Josh’s wheelman abilities along with a bit of luck managed to keep the car out of the wall.

Without skipping a beat, the crew would move on to the prepped portion of the race the next day. Boy, oh boy would they make a recovery!

The next day, we ride along as the turbocharged Trans Am ends up being a major contender in the small tire portion of the race. Matchup after matchup, it seemed as if the car couldn’t be beaten! It wouldn’t come without its fair share of adversity, though, as yet again as a thrown belt would brutalize some wiring. The crew took it upon themselves to make it all work, though. When all the dust had settled, this blazin’ Pontiac’s story ended with a whole lot of domination!

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